On the service page, you will find various services we offer to you the best possible information. You can find more information below about three services. You can decide whether you want to use these services; it is not required to include installation when buying a patio roof. This way you have the opportunity to complete your purchase at the way that you think is best.

Private Showroom

In our showroom, you can see several terrace awnings in different situations. Our showroom in Harderwijk is unique; this is due to a large number of patio roofs that are made here. Also, in our showroom, you will find some other blinds so you may get some inspiration can do.


Also for the installation of your patio roof or awning you’ve come to the right place. We have our own technicians who are aware of the latest developments in the field of patio roofs. So they are very adept to allow the installation of your patio roof smoothly. Our montuers by different suppliers each year educated about developments and improvements to the products sold by us. This means you are assured of skilled installation by experienced and well-trained engineers.


Do you already have a good look at the website and you sit still questions? Our specialists will be happy to visit you to provide the perfect patio roof for you and your home. We can also answer all your questions in the areas of terrace awnings and blinds. Our specialists visit clients at home on the route, meaning that they come when some customers to be visited in the region. Our aim is always to leave within 14 days from this.

Ambiance Security Package

The ambiance is a national organization own security package. By joining Romazo a trade association that includes an arbitration committee is realized. This service offers the customers the assurance that in the case of payment of the deposit is always guaranteed. In a possible bankruptcy of a store they do not lose their deposit. As an organization, we are there guarantees. Such an arrangement can be as individual entrepreneur never meet with customers. But if the national organization does.